Bali - 360° VR Photography

360° Panoramic Photography from Bali, Indonesia

Pura Dalem Ubud :: Bali

[sampano file=”pura-dalem-ubud” title=”Pura Dalem Ubud :: Bali”] [sampano file=”pura-dalem-ubud-2″ title=”Pura Dalem Ubud :: Bali”] [sampano…

Campuhan :: Bali

[sampano file=”campuan” title=”Campuan :: Bali”] Up the steps to Penestanan…

Pura Saraswati Ubud :: Bali

[sampano file=”pura-saraswati-hdr” title=”Pura Saraswati :: Ubud :: Bali”] HDR Panorama of Pura Saraswati Temple (next…

Art Zoo :: Bali

[sampano file=”art-zoo” title=”Art Zoo :: Bali”] Art Zoo northeast is the Studio of Symon of…

Bale Agung Sembrian :: Bali

[sampano file=”bale-agung-sembrian” title=”Bale Agung Sembrian :: Bali”] [sampano file=”bale-agung-sembrian-1″ title=”Bale Agung Sembrian :: Bali”]

Payangan :: Bali

[sampano file=”payangan” title=”Payangan :: Bali”] [sampano file=”payangan-1″ title=”Payangan :: Bali”]

Penestanan :: Bali

[sampano file=”Penestanan-HDR” title=”Penestanan :: Bali”] Rice Paddies in Penestanan, near Ubud

Tirtagangga :: Bali

[sampano file=”tirtagangga” title=”Tirtagangga :: Bali”] Tirtagangga (holy water of the Ganges in Balinese) water garden…

Tenganan :: Bali

[sampano file=”tenganan” title=”Tenganan :: Bali”] Tenganan is a symmetrically laid out Bali Aga village with…